The DRT is a traffic-law-obeying bicycle scavenger hunt.
    Competitors (the Responder and E-assist classes) must visit six staffed checkpoints in order, creating a circuit. At each checkpoint they must complete the cargo activity for that checkpoint.  A route will be provided, but competitors may create their own routing. No navigation devices will be allowed on the course!  The Resilient and Family classes will not engage in the cargo activities, but instead must participate in the emergency preparedness activity to at each checkpoint to receive credit for that checkpoint.  Family riders must complete at least three checkpoint activities, and Resilient riders must complete all six.  Both Family and Resilient riders will also receive some cargo at the start.  The Citizen class is free and has no requirements other than to obey laws.  Citizen riders will not be eligible for a finisher ribbon.
  3. MAP
    The map will be provided to participants an hour before the ride starts.
  4. CARGO
    Responder and E-assist: 100 pounds of accumulated payload. Includes three eggs, representing fragile relief supplies such as medicine vials. Each intact egg at the finish results in an extra raffle ticket, while each broken egg at the finish results in a 10 minute time penalty for the Responder and E-assist classes.  Other cargo my be bulky or long.
    There may be a section of water to traverse, up to 6 inches deep.
    A one-meter tall barrier. Responder and E-assist riders will have accumulated at least 60 lbs when they reach this barrier.
    One section of off-road terrain, rough enough to make most competitors dismount and walk at least once.  There will be a ride-around option for the Family and Citizen classes.
    Participants will ride up to 30 miles, spending three-ish hours on the course.  Responder and E-assist competitors will engage in a cargo activity at each checkpoint.  The Resilient, Family, and Citizen classes will participate in an emergency preparedness activity at each checkpoint.  To successfully complete the course the Family class must participate at at least 3 checkpoints, and the Resilient class much complete all 6 activities.  The free Citizen class may complete as many or few of the activities as they would like, in any order, and are not eligible for a finisher ribbon.
    Competitors must comply with all traffic laws all the time to avoid immediate or post-competition disqualification.
  10. KIDS?
    Yes! Participate in the Family class and bring the kids! You can also ride with kids in the E-assist or Responder classes, but their weight doesn’t count as your payload 🙂 .
    Bring a bike pump and flat kit (and be prepared to use it!). You are responsible for fixing flat tires that may occur on the course.
    You may bring extra container/padding for transporting your three eggs.
    Bring bungee cords/tie-downs/old innertubes/what-have-you for securing your heavy and bulky load to your bike.

Based on Essential Elements of a DRT from the 2013 Cascadia Cargo Bike Fair & Disaster Relief Trials organizers.


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