Route Map In Progress!

The DRT route scouts are currently in the process of determining the best route for this year in West Seattle!

NOTE: Map and cue sheet will be provided to all riders via email the day before the event.



2 thoughts on “Map

  1. jay

    That preliminary route looks a bit “challenging”. They don’t call Beacon hill a “hill” for nothing. Rumor has it that Portland is relatively flat, but on the Portland DRT Eventbright page they show the event time as 10:30 to 5:00, sure, not that all of that is riding time, but compare to your 11:00 to 3:00. Also suggests;
    “6. DURATION (3) hours or more for the fastest competitors.”
    Note the “fastest”! Even if one was riding the whole 4 hours one would have to average 7.5mph, or 75% of the 3 hour “fastest competitors” pace. The last week or so I’ve been riding with a 50lb bag of sand and my bike computer says I’m averaging a bit over 9mph, but it subtracts stops for traffic lights and such from the “ride time” so the real average is less, and that does not allow for checkpoints, plus 50 < 100.
    Since I already have that bag of sand, can I use it and a couple of my own buckets so that if everybody is gone by the time I get to (if I get to) the finish I wont have anything to return to the organizers? That might seem to give me an advantage of not having to deal with "bulky or long" but I would be carrying 50lb from the get-go, including the trip over the hill to the event. And if you have ever tried to pick up a Bullitt you know it is plenty bulky and long by itself!

    The 2013 course had major short cut potential (and was only about 10 miles or so), since I work second shift and took a _long_ lunch break to do the event I was tempted to take some cuts, but in the end I did ride the entire course (except I skipped the water, yes, that is my bike on the front page, picture taken by the famous Madi Carlson while _Standing_ on the flight deck of her big dummy)
    Oh, hey, speaking of Ms. Carlson, she blogged about the Portland DRT, maybe Portland isn't all _that_ flat;
    " and a big climb to the start of the bridge. I thought Portland was supposed to be flat!"
    It looks like _she_ averaged about 10mph, but she carries her kids around all the time and is a lot younger than I am, also she only mentioned one climb.

  2. Shirley

    Hi Jay,
    So, I won’t be competing this year but the general route is not as bad as you think. Some of the route to Beacon Hill will be using the Beacon Hill Greenway which is pretty gentle when it comes to Seattle Hills. I ride this general route daily with 120lbs of people cargo plus all the stuff that goes along with carrying tiny people. I wouldn’t worry too much about it but you might want to consider quicker access to your water. You will be fine.


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